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This online database has building permits from 2004 and other permits (gas/plumbing/electrical, etc.) as of October, 2014.
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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 ADAM KEMPNER  35 COBBLESTONE ROAD  Electrical Application  Preliminary  2018-10-17    Details 
 kevin thibault  15 BRENTWOOD DRIVE  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2018-10-17    Details 
 Scott Levesque  19 VINEYARD PLACE  Residential Building Application  Ready For Payment  2018-10-17    Details 
 wendy  320 WASHINGTON STREET  Tent Application  Waiting for Signoff  2018-10-17    Details 
 Butch Vatalaro  15 FOREST EDGE ROAD  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Signoff  2018-10-17    Details 
 Chris Fitzsimons  103 CENTRAL STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-17   R-18-0936  Details 
 Robert W. Dennis Jr.  211 MAIN STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-17   R-18-0937  Details 
 james h victorine  222 WASHINGTON STREET  Residential Building Application  Preliminary  2018-10-17    Details 
 Christopher Cornell  28 BLACK BROOK ROAD  Electrical Application  Fee Paid  2018-10-16    Details 
 Jeff McLaughlin  15 FOREST EDGE ROAD  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-16   E-18-0637  Details 
 TD Design and Development Corp (Antonio DaSilva)  36 SCHOOL STREET  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2018-10-16    Details 
 Butch Vatalaro  15 FOREST EDGE ROAD  Trench Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-16   TR-18-0933  Details 
 Thomas Connors  20 WILBUR STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-16   R-18-0934  Details 
 paul messier  5 EVERGREEN DRIVE  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  2018-10-16   G-18-0328  Details 
 John Lennon  42 BEAVER DAM ROAD  Residential Building Application  Ready For Payment  2018-10-16    Details 
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