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This online database has building permits from 2004 and other permits (gas/plumbing/electrical, etc.) as of October, 2014.
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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 Stuart Paul  45 DEAN STREET  Electrical Application  Preliminary  2019-02-19    Details 
 Barton Carlson  119 RANDALL STREET  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2019-02-19    Details 
 Dean A Tupper  111 BELMONT STREET  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-19   P-19-0054  Details 
 MATTHEW  11 NANCY ROAD  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-19   E-19-0073  Details 
 Douglas A. King  49 MATTHEW CIRCLE - Lot 12  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Signoff  2019-02-19    Details 
 William J Colantuone  247 FOUNDRY STREET  Residential Building Application  Preliminary  2019-02-19    Details 
     Residential Building Application  Preliminary  2019-02-18    Details 
 Robert McKinley  5 ARTHUR ROAD  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2019-02-18    Details 
 Dave Casey  25 BELMONT STREET  Sheet Metal Application  Waiting for Signoff  2019-02-18    Details 
 Kevin Nelson  11 GALAHAD WAY  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-17   P-19-0055  Details 
 Anthony DiBacco  91 ROCKLAND STREET  Residential Building Application  Need Owners email Response  2019-02-17    Details 
 Mark Mordini  440 PURCHASE STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2019-02-16   R-19-0116  Details 
 Michael J Gray  57 MATTHEW CIRCLE  Gas Fitting Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2019-02-15    Details 
 Michael J Gray  57 MATTHEW CIRCLE  Plumbing Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2019-02-15    Details 
 Sunil Patel  54 MASSAPOAG AVENUE  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2019-02-15    Details 
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