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This online database has building permits from 2004 and other permits (gas/plumbing/electrical, etc.) as of October, 2014.
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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 Ray Gogan  27 BLACK BROOK ROAD  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-21   G-17-0252  Details 
 James Hadley  110 CENTER STREET  Residential Building Application  Permit Denied  2017-11-21    Details 
 Ray Gogan  27 BLACK BROOK ROAD  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-21   P-17-0303  Details 
 JEFFREY TUFTS  28 SWEETMEADOW DRIVE  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-21   G-17-0251  Details 
 charles lopez  10 DOUGLAS DRIVE  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-21   G-17-0250  Details 
 Scott Hanson  11 GEORGETOWN LANE  Electrical Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2017-11-21    Details 
 Encore Fire Protection  25 ROBERT DRIVE  Mechanical Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2017-11-20    Details 
 Jason Cook  152 DEPOT STREET  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   P-17-0301  Details 
 Paul Ranalli  9 BLACK BROOK ROAD  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2017-11-20    Details 
 Thomas McDermott  202-R PROSPECT STREET  Electrical Application  Complete  2017-11-20   E-17-0636  Details 
 WILLIAM DUGGAN  581 washington st - Unit 3  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   P-17-0300  Details 
 Ronald Poliseno  36 MILL STREET  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   P-17-0299  Details 
 WILLIAM DUGGAN  107 BAY ROAD  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   P-17-0298  Details 
 WILLIAM DUGGAN  107 BAY ROAD  Gas Fitting Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   G-17-0248  Details 
 Robert Venable  746 WASHINGTON STREET  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2017-11-20   P-17-0297  Details 
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