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This online database has building permits from 2004 and other permits (gas/plumbing/electrical, etc.) as of October, 2014.
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Applicant Name Site Address Permit Type Status Date Permit Number Details
 David Anderson  51 PRESTON PLACE  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   E-18-0519  Details 
 David Anderson  8 HARVEY LANE  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   E-18-0518  Details 
 David Anderson  129 NORTH MAIN STREET  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   E-18-0517  Details 
 John Oleary  60 POQUANTICUT AVENUE  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-21    Details 
 John Oleary  60 POQUANTICUT AVENUE  Plumbing Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   P-18-0229  Details 
 Nathan Ashe  6 TAIT AVENUE  Electrical Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   E-18-0516  Details 
 Craig M Orn  6 TAIT AVENUE  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   R-18-0725  Details 
 Robert McDonald  6 LONGVIEW DRIVE  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-21    Details 
 Craig M Orn  6 TAIT AVENUE  Residential Building Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   R-18-0727  Details 
 Arthur W McClaren  60 POQUANTICUT AVENUE  Mechanical Application  Permit Issued  2018-08-21   M-18-0726  Details 
 William Booker  60 POQUANTICUT AVENUE  Electrical Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-21    Details 
 charles lopez  165 BELMONT STREET  Plumbing Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-21    Details 
 Elaine Sears  187 PINE STREET  Residential Building Application  Waiting for Additional Info  2018-08-20    Details 
 Marc Niosi  38 DAILEY AVENUE  Gas Fitting Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-20    Details 
 Marc Niosi  38 DAILEY AVENUE  Plumbing Application  Ready For Payment  2018-08-20    Details 
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